OR 1,000+' Prominence Peak List Completion

JohnCollard has completed 14 of 472 OR 1,000'+ Prominence Peaks   View Map

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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
Hood, Mount7,699' 11,239' Clackamas & Hood RiverMount Hood South
Sacajawea Peak6,393' 9,838' WallowaEagle Cap
South Sister5,593' 10,358' Deschutes & LaneSouth Sister
McLoughlin, Mount4,475' 9,495' JacksonMount McLoughlin
Strawberry Mountain4,110' 9,060' GrantStrawberry Mountain
Marys Peak3,367' 4,097' BentonMarys Peak
Paulina Peak3,219' 7,984' DeschutesPaulina Peak
Scott, Mount3,019' 8,929' KlamathCrater Lake East
Bachelor Mountain2,293' 5,953' LinnIdanha
Bohemia Mountain2,250' 5,990' LaneFairview Peak
Carpenter Mountain2,049' 5,349' LinnCarpenter Mountain
Tom, Mount1,984' 3,166' LinnMohawk
Eagle Cap1,232' 9,572' UnionEagle Cap
Spencer Butte1,194' 2,054' LaneCreswell

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