NH 1,000+' Prominence Peak List Completion

Douglas Eaton has completed 28 of 70 NH 1,000'+ Prominence Peaks   View Map

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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
Washington, Mount6,153' 6,288' CoosMount Washington
Lafayette, Mount3,360' 5,260' GraftonFranconia
Moosilauke, Mount2,960' 4,820' GraftonMount Moosilauke
Carter Dome2,815' 4,832' CoosCarter Dome
Cabot, Mount2,665' 4,170' CoosStark
Kinsman Mountain-South Peak2,418' 4,358' GraftonLincoln
Carrigain, Mount2,240' 4,700' GraftonMount Carrigain
Smarts Mountain2,188' 3,238' GraftonSmarts Mountain
Monadnock Mountain2,155' 3,165' CheshireMonadnock Mountain
Osceola, Mount2,040' 4,340' GraftonMount Osceola
Tecumseh, Mount1,743' 4,003' GraftonWaterville Valley
Field, Mount1,702' 4,340' GraftonCrawford Notch
Tremont, Mount1,591' 3,371' CarrollBartlett
Martha, Mount1,574' 3,572' CoosMount Dartmouth
South Twin Mountain1,522' 4,902' GraftonSouth Twin Mountain
Stinson Mountain1,520' 2,900' GraftonRumney
Carr Mountain1,480' 3,453' GraftonMount Kineo
Bear Mountain1,440' 3,220' CarrollBartlett
Tripyramid, Mount-North Peak1,360' 4,180' GraftonMount Tripyramid
Waumbek, Mount1,299' 4,005' CoosJefferson
Chocorua, Mount1,280' 3,500' CarrollMount Chocorua
Clough, Mount1,261' 3,561' GraftonMount Moosilauke
North Baldface1,260' 3,610' CoosChatham
Kineo, Mount1,253' 3,313' GraftonMount Kineo
Hancock, Mount1,240' 4,420' GraftonMount Carrigain
Sandwich Mountain1,200' 3,980' GraftonMount Tripyramid
Wildcat Mountain1,034' 4,422' CoosCarter Dome
Nancy, Mount1,026' 3,926' GraftonMount Carrigain

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