TX 1,000+' Prominence Peak List Completion

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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
Emory Peak4,495' 7,825' BrewsterEmory Peak
Livermore, Mount3,923' 8,378' Jeff DavisMount Livermore
Eagle Peak3,119' 7,484' HudspethEagle Mountains NE
Guadalupe Peak3,039' 8,749' CulbersonGuadalupe Peak
North Franklin Mountain2,987' 7,192' El PasoNorth Franklin Mountain
Chinati Peak2,953' 7,728' PresidioChinati Peak
Sue Peaks2,924' 5,854' BrewsterSue Peaks
Christmas Mountains (HP)2,398' 5,728' BrewsterChristmas Mountains
Sierra Blanca2,256' 6,891' HudspethGunsight Hills South
Rosillo Peak2,115' 5,445' BrewsterBone Spring
Quitman Mountains (HP)2,039' 6,689' HudspethLasca
Cerro Alto Mountain1,677' 6,787' HudspethCerro Alto Mountain
South Franklin Mountain1,380' 6,790' El PasoEl Paso
59211,051' 5,921' HudspethLasca

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