GA Top 100 Prominence Peak List Completion

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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
Brasstown Bald2,123' 4,783' TownsJacks Gap
Big Bald Mountain1,775' 4,075' GilmerBlue Ridge
Yonah Mountain1,576' 3,156' WhiteHelen
Cowpen Mountain1,571' 4,151' FanninHemp Top
Blood Mountain1,520' 4,460' Lumpkin & UnionNeels Gap
Tray Mountain1,481' 4,430' Towns & WhiteTray Mountain
Ravencliff Knob1,441' 3,661' TownsBlairsville
Springer Mountain1,162' 3,782' Fannin & GilmerNoontootla
Thunder-Struck Mountain1,120' 3,380' UnionBlairsville
Rabun Bald1,116' 4,696' RabunRabun Bald
Bald Mountain905' 4,005' MurrayCrandall
Hightower Bald848' 4,588' TownsHightower Bald
Bell Knob840' 3,420' TownsMacedonia

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