NM Top 100 Prominence Peak List Completion

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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
Sierra Blanca Peak5,543' 11,973' OteroSierra Blanca Peak
Taylor, Mount4,094' 11,301' CibolaMount Taylor
South Baldy3,813' 10,783' SocorroSouth Baldy
Organ Needle3,740' 8,990' Doña AnaOrgan Peak
Wheeler Peak3,409' 13,161' TaosWheeler Peak
Manzano Peak3,248' 10,098' TorranceManzano Peak
Magdalena Peak1,946' 6,625' Doña AnaMagdalena Peak
77161,586' 7,716' Doña AnaOrgan Peak
Cox Peak1,541' 5,936' Doña AnaMount Riley
Doña Ana Peak1,480' 5,835' Doña AnaDona Ana
Robledo Mountain1,415' 5,890' Doña AnaLeasburg

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