WV Top 100 Prominence Peak List Completion

John Kirk has completed 7 of WV's 100 Most Prominent Peaks   View Map
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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
Spruce Knob2,791' 4,861' PendletonSpruce Knob
Reddish Knob2,017' 4,397' Augusta & PendletonReddish Knob
Thorny Benchmark1,720' 4,860' PocahontasCass
Porte Crayon, Mount1,590' 4,770' Pendleton & RandolphLaneville
Job Knob1,240' 4,460' RandolphWhitmer
Stuart Knob998' 4,020' RandolphBowden
Haines Knob925' 4,265' RandolphWhitmer

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