UT Top 100 Prominence Peak List Completion

Erik Packard has completed 11 of UT's 100 Most Prominent Peaks   View Map
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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
Kings Peak6,358' 13,528' DuchesneKings Peak
Peale, Mount6,181' 12,721' San JuanMount Peale
South Tent Mountain3,385' 11,285' SanpeteSouth Tent Mountain
Bruin Point2,724' 10,184' CarbonBruin Point
Elliott, Mount2,282' 7,142' EmeryCliff
Hilgard Mountain2,103' 11,533' SevierHilgard Mountain
Wagon Road Ridge2,031' 9,503' GrandFloy Canyon North
Split Mountain, West2,000' 7,660' UintahSplit Mountain
San Rafael Knob1,981' 7,921' EmerySan Rafael Knob
North Horn Mountain1,925' 9,665' EmeryThe Cap
Cedar Mountain1,875' 7,665' EmeryChimney Rock

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