VA Top 100 Prominence Peak List Completion

Dave Jurasevich has completed 7 of VA's 100 Most Prominent Peaks   View Map
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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
Apple Orchard Mountain2,835' 4,225' Bedford & BotetourtArnold Valley
Rogers, Mount2,469' 5,729' Grayson & SmythWhitetop Mountain
Rocky Mountain2,282' 4,072' Amherst & RockbridgeMontebello
Hawksbill2,148' 4,050' Madison & PageBig Meadows
Salt Pond Mountain2,061' 4,361' GilesEggleston
High Knob2,053' 4,223' WiseNorton
Reddish Knob2,017' 4,397' Augusta & PendletonReddish Knob

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