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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
Katahdin, Mount4,293' 5,268' PiscataquisMount Katahdin
Sugarloaf Mountain3,180' 4,250' FranklinSugarloaf Mountain
West Peak2,855' 4,145' SomersetThe Horns
Old Speck Mountain2,720' 4,170' OxfordOld Speck Mountain
White Cap Mountain2,624' 3,654' PiscataquisBig Shanty Mountain
Coburn Mountain2,520' 3,730' SomersetEnchanted Pond
Saddleback Mountain2,446' 4,120' FranklinSaddleback Mountain
Traveler, The2,331' 3,541' PiscataquisThe Traveler
Snow Mountain2,330' 3,960' FranklinChain of Ponds
Kibby Mountain2,264' 3,654' FranklinKibby Mountain
Big Squaw Mountain2,124' 3,194' PiscataquisBig Squaw Pond
Doubletop Mountain2,079' 3,489' PiscataquisDoubletop Mountain
Boundary Bald Mountain2,002' 3,630' SomersetBoundary Bald Mountain
Jackson Mountain1,798' 3,568' FranklinJackson Mountain
Chase, Mount1,709' 2,439' PenobscotMount Chase
Cadillac Mountain1,528' 1,528' HancockSeal Harbor
Pleasant Mountain1,491' 2,006' OxfordPleasant Mountain
Goose Eye Mountain1,380' 3,870' OxfordOld Speck Mountain
Puzzle Mountain1,372' 3,142' OxfordPuzzle Mountain
North Brother1,256' 4,151' PiscataquisMount Katahdin
Zircon, Mount1,220' 2,250' OxfordMount Zircon
Lead Mountain1,135' 1,485' HancockLead Mountain
Passadumkeag Mountain1,116' 1,471' PenobscotSaponac
Streaked Mountain1,085' 1,755' OxfordOxford
Speckled Mountain1,073' 2,183' OxfordMount Zircon
Caribou Mountain1,040' 2,850' OxfordSpeckled Mountain
Bald Mountain1,033' 1,261' HancockGreen Lake

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