ME Top 100 Prominence Peak List Completion

BrianBerry has completed 13 of ME's 100 Most Prominent Peaks   View Map
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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
Sugarloaf Mountain3,180' 4,250' FranklinSugarloaf Mountain
White Cap Mountain2,624' 3,654' PiscataquisBig Shanty Mountain
Coburn Mountain2,520' 3,730' SomersetEnchanted Pond
Snow Mountain2,330' 3,960' FranklinChain of Ponds
Kibby Mountain2,264' 3,654' FranklinKibby Mountain
Boundary Bald Mountain2,002' 3,630' SomersetBoundary Bald Mountain
Big Spencer Mountain1,920' 3,210' PiscataquisBig Spencer Mountain
Blue, Mount1,840' 3,190' FranklinMount Blue
Jackson Mountain1,798' 3,568' FranklinJackson Mountain
Little Spencer Mountain1,780' 3,070' PiscataquisLobster Mountain
Crocker Mountain1,218' 4,228' FranklinBlack Nubble
Mosquito Mountain1,086' 2,216' SomersetMoxie Pond
Pleasant Pond Mountain1,040' 2,470' SomersetThe Forks

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