AL Top 100 Prominence Peak List Completion

Bill Jacobs has completed 13 of AL's 100 Most Prominent Peaks   View Map
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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
Cheaha Mountain1,437' 2,407' CleburneCheaha Mountain
Morton Hill1,217' 2,063' CalhounChoccolocco
Flagpole Mountain1,058' 1,968' CherokeeIndian Mountain
Fox Mountain984' 1,984' DeKalbSulphur Springs
Horn Mountain974' 1,924' TalladegaPorter Gap
Signal Mountain900' 1,570' ShelbyVandiver
Bald Rock Mountain864' 1,594' Saint ClairCooks Springs
Johnson Top740' 1,870' Jackson & MadisonKing Cove
Blount Mountain540' 1,550' Blount & Saint ClairHyatt Gap
Gunters Mountain540' 1,390' MarshallSwearengin
Brindley Mountain480' 1,330' MorganCenter Grove
Jefferson County HP460' 1,450' JeffersonArgo
Locust Mountain440' 1,270' CoosaHollins

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