US County Highpoints List

Merle has completed 8 US County Highpoints
     - 7 of 64 CO Counties
     - 1 of 10 NH Counties
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County/Equivalent Elevation Prominence Name State Quadrangle
Lake14,433' 9,093' Elbert, MountCOMount Elbert
Chaffee14,420' 2,360' Harvard, MountCOMount Harvard
Clear Creek & Summit14,270' 2,770' Grays PeakCOGrays Peak
Boulder14,255' 2,940' Longs PeakCOLongs Peak
El Paso14,110' 5,530' Pikes PeakCOPikes Peak
Eagle14,005' 2,111' Holy Cross, Mount of theCOMount of the Holy Cross
Coos6,288' 6,153' Washington, MountNHMount Washington

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